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System Requirements

  • Any modern web browser

Contributing an article

We use which is a free WYSIWYG editor for markdown.

To begin contributing, sign in to

Once signed in, you will be able to observe the following interface.


Simply click on create a new note to begin creating a new post. The interface is very intuitive with tutorials easily accessible.

The feature set of the WYSIWYG editor is pretty powerful supporting LaTeX formulae, drag and drop image uploads, a host of starter templates etc.

Warning: Images uploaded from a local computer are hosted on imgur which is a public server.

As an alternative, you can specify images as google drive etc. links using markdown syntax. These still need to allow everyone with read permissions to enable the webpage to correctly display them.

Once you are done editing your post, simply download the generated markdown file as shown below.


Do not worry if the post looks different from the look and feel of the webpage. Our webpage automatically converts the markdown file to match the theme of the webpage.

Send this file via email to Pulkit Verma for publishing!

We look forward to seeing your post!